About tailoryourbim

Are you tired of using so many choices of commands but still amazed by the lack of those commands the ones of which you just need?

Are you tired of wasting your valuable time on clicking on tab key for selecting elements one after another in circles instead of sitting on a beach and drinking margaritas?

And you Do often dream of creating your own commands for finishing your work directly from A to B just by pressing just one button!

If so,
Ask Tailor Your BIM!

This is where you can find information to improve the efficiency of BIM-modelling by creating extending functions, tailored for your own, and my name is Ching-Hua Chen, currently working on a BIM hospital project with an architect office, which is based in Vienna, Austria.

Since 2000, 3d-modelling has been the focus through my study on architectural design. It started with 3Ds Max, until I finished my Bachelor degree and a few years work with Prof. Pheonix Ho back home at the Feng-Chia University in Taiwan. Then it were a few years of trying different areas (such as Processing, Java, Visual Basic … etc.) for pursuing my Master thesis on philosophy, parametricism and architecture until I landed on Python, Grasshopper and Rhino to complete my degree in the Technology University in Vienna with the late Prof. Kari Jormakka and the late Prof. Will Alsop.

The last one and a half years was the time that I had a chance due to the work in the office to extend my area from a “raw” BIM-technique (coding by one’s own for Rhino) towards coding with Revit API. At first it was further coding with Python – thanks to revitpythonshell and pyRevit – it really opened my eyes. Not only this but also while extending the research from my thesis and looking for functional programming language, I bumped into F-Sharp, which, in combination with Revit and Rhino, both based on .Net framework, has brought me great joy……

For references of my previous works:

Stay tuned!